Best pizza in Austin

I’ve been a regular at Southside for over a year. I give any restaurant a chance. If they show me they care about good food and good service at a fair price they will have me coming back all the time. If they show me they don’t care I tell them about it, then I fire myself from their establishment and never come back.”

“Man, I know the best food. I look all over town figuring out what to eat.  I check them all out, then go back to Southside.”

“They’ve been around a long time now and they never cut corners like all those other guys.”

“I’ve never had better, fresher salads. They actually toast their own pecans — who does that?! I send everyone there.”

“I never go to that other place, just Southside.”

“Southside makes an incredible pie. When I get a delivery and open up the box, my eyes widen, my pulse races, all of my blood flows away from my upper brain and I find myself saying, “BANZAI!!!”

“Southside is not only a master of pizza-making, they have integrity in the community! I’m proud to share my art with these artisans. By the way, the Athena is my favorite pie!”

“I’m sure if you worked real hard on it you could do something like this anywhere. Actually, I’d appreciate it very much if you would start working on one right now this instant where I live. That would be better, than everyone could see each other more.”
– Cindi

“They fit in with that whole South Austin vibe, pure and simple”