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Fresh Pizza, Delicious Appetizers, & Soda - Catering

50 People


17 Larges, 100 Garlic knots, and 13 two liters; Pizza: 8 Specialty, 5 Two Topping, 4 Cheese

Specialty Pizzas:The Southsider The Eastsider The Meatsider The Lakesider The Greensider Trio Italiano Athena Flyin' Hawaiian Margherita Five Cheese Please
Meat Toppings:Pepperoni Sausage Beef Bacon Ham Anchovies Meatballs Salami Chicken Breast
Vegetable Toppings:Roma Tomato Pineapple Bell Pepper Jalapeno Black Olives Kalamata Olives Mushroom Spinach Red Onion Serrano Sun-Dried Tomato Roasted Red Peppers Portobello Artichoke
Soda Options:Coke Sprite Diet Coke Dr. Pepper Root Beer